Polished : O.P.I. Colors : Nicole

I picked up a new nail color at Target yesterday called "Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam" from the Kardashian's O.P.I. color line and alternated it with the classic "Lincoln Park After Dark" from the original O.P.I. line.  I love how the two colors look together.  I have been feeling pretty dark so far this spring with my nails.

What are your fave nail lacquers so far this season?

I-Feathers from Sally's

I went to Sally's today and picked up a pack of I-Feathers extensions.  They come in different packs with different colors.  I chose these as opposed to the bright pinks and purples or the dark ones to fit my personal style and I love them.  They were $5 and the hook to loop your hair through was $3.  I used the hubbies pliers to clamp the clasps that come with them and now they are there until I feel like taking them out.  They are so easy to do yourself and you can move them around your head if you feel like it.  Getting this done at the mall is about $10 bucks per feather so I saved a little over $30 doing it myself.  Thought I would share =)

Truth or Dare Perfume by Madonna Review

Today I got Madonna's new perfume "Truth or Dare" and well, I have to put my love for Madonna aside and be honest with this review.

When I got home I sprayed it on.  To say what it smells like by spraying it on a piece of paper is not gonna give me the right smell to review.  At first spray, and I made the mistake of making it a big spray, I said to myself "HOLY S__T it smells like a funeral" because the overwhelming smell of Gardenia was so sad to my sinuses.  In my opinion, the Gardenia is the most pungent flower that grows and I was really hoping that the scent would not be overpowered by the floral faux pas.  Luckily, after about an hour, the Gardenia smell tapers off and actually leaves a nice, warm kind of vanilla-wood scent that I really like. I have never had a perfume that had such an extreme difference in smell after an hour.

I am rather disappointed by the scent in comparison the the unbelievable promotion around it.  The photo on sleeve that I had to beg the hag at Macy's for is SO STUNNING as you can see to the left.  The commercial for it is even more stunning and had me so excited as I was expecting something sweet yet musky, innocent yet sinful, but what I got was bingo night in a garden in a rest home yet sweet and pleasant after an hour.  She should have called it "Evita".   I can't use a grading scale for it because I feel like it is two different perfumes.  Maybe something is wrong with my nose.  I would spritz it on about 2 hours before going to a wedding, or somewhere outdoors with a nice breeze.  I don't know if I would wear it anywhere that was too hot though because being hot and sticky might make the smell too obnoxious.

One thing is for sure.  The ads for this perfume are to die for and when you do, the scent will be perfect to wear to your wake (which in a weird twisted way, makes me like it even more).  I give it a 50/50.  Check out the commercial below.

Love Magnetic Force Nail Polish

Just tried Magnetic Force nail polish in "Electric Midnight" and I love it!

Giveaway from My Girl Alice An @ Candyfiend Studios

Hey babes.  I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything but I wanted to share a haircare giveaway being run by my friend and fierce fashionista Alice An @ Candyfiend Studios.  Check out the adorable video, follow the link, and enter away!!!!