Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin's MAC Viva Glam lipstick campaign raising money for HIV/AIDS related causes.

When Puerto-Rican booty-shaker, Ricky Martin, was chosen alongside lipstick loving rapper, Nicki Minaj, to become the new face of Mac Viva Glam 2012, the union caught attention because of its unlikelihood.

Now, a first impression of the new lipstick campaign shows the duo looking perfectly matched - playful pop colours and perky poses to boot.

The 28-year-old rap singer flaunts her best assets as she suggestively kneels on a motorbike, while Mr Martin, 39, does his best to keep up, flexing his tattooed biceps.


Photo: MAC cosmetics and David LaChapelleNICKI-MINAJ-MAC

David LaChapelle, who is known for his ironic, often comical, style, photographed the pair with a giant pink lipstick in July.  I can not wait to see the rest of the photos and the videos to go along with them!!!

The two lipsticks, both shades of pink, are sold entirely for charity, with 100% of the sale price of each product donated to help fight HIV and AIDS.

Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of bright pink in the shot, taken in Miami - the hue is splashed across lips, wrapped around Ms Minaj's body and colours the glam star's hair.

The $14 lipsticks, dubbed Viva Glam Ricky and Viva Glam Nicki, will go on sale in February, benefitting the campaign that has raised $224 million for HIV/AIDS-related causes since launching in 1994.


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Tutorial : "Twiggy" Mod Hair and Makup

"Twiggy" inspired Mod hair and makeup tutorial.  ENJOY!!!

Twiggy inspired Mod hair and makeup

Beauty Ba Ha Ha : Fringe Misfortune

Happy Thanksgiving From primped & painted!!!!

happy thanksgiving from our family

Oooh La La : Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway

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“Ooh’s & OH NOO"’s: American Music Awards 2011

Last nights American Music Awards left me with a pretty even amount of “ooh’s and oh noo’s” on the red carpet.  In an era where fashion and beauty follows the rule of “anything goes”, some people need to make their “anything” go away.  The men were definitely more put together than the girls in my opinion.  Here are some of my hits and misses!!!
Katy Perry 2011 AMA'sOoh!!! Katy Perry is always a favorite lately.  But I don’t think the lip color is quite right.  Should be a little more cooler shade of pink IMO.
Heidi Klum AMA's 2011Oh NOO!!!

 Heidi Klum’s look looks a bit “Klumsy” to me.  It almost looks like she forgot about the awards show, rushed home, and threw on the first dress she saw before rushing the the red carpet.  Not a favorite.

Jenny McCarthy AMA's 2011Ooh!!! Jenny McCarthy looked so pretty last night.  The dress is so flattering to her skin tone and her makeup is just flawless.  Hate the shoes though. Jenny always hold a special place in my heart.  I love beautiful women who are not too proud to be ridiculous and goofy.

Christina Aguilera 2011 AMA'sOh NOO!!!  Christina Aguilera.  Need I say more?  I used to love this girls look always and believe me, the weight has nothing to do with it.  It’s what she is wearing and that horrible hair.  Christina, FIRE YOUR STYLISTS NOW!  There are ways that you can still look amazing with a few extra pounds you just have to hire someone who knows what to do.

Audrina Patridge 2011 AMA'sOoh!!!  Audrina Patridge looks STUNNING.  The color of the dress is so unexpectedly welcomed and the hair and makeup that she has going on with it is soo perfection.  I have to say that I don’t really know exactly why this girl is so famous but she has red carpet down that is for sure.  She is rather gorgeous.

Nicki Minaj AMA's 2011Oh NOO!!!  Nicki, Nicki, Nicki!!!  Usually I love your “against the grain” look because you can pull it off,  but this is ugly and not a good ugly.  Just ugly ugly.  The colors, the cut, the shoes, that big choker around your neck.  Eww…eww….ewww.

Taylor Swift AMA's 2011Oh Noo!!! Taylor Swift’s dress was lovely but those ear rings and that weird fishtail thing is not right.  It looks like she was playing dress up with a 5 year old and just happened to have a fabulous dress to wear.  Maybe it is a half and half.  We will give her an Oooh for the dress but NOOOO on everything else!!

Chaka Khan AMA's 2011Oh Noo!!!  Chaka, Chaka, Chaka Khan!!!  From the neck up you look like you got stuck in the 80’s and from the neck down you look like you just stepped off the set of a bad vampire movie.  I love me some Chaka Khan but this look is dead, and not living dead!!!

Mary J Blige AMA's 2011Oh Noo!!! Mary J. Blige.  I can’t say too much here.  It just looks like she bought some fabric and wrapped it around her like she was going to a weird toga party and the hair goes with it.  I don’t know if you are trying to hide something under all that but its just too pattern on too much fabric.  The makeup looks good though.  Nice and natural as always.  She is a lovely woman.

Salena Gomez AMA's 2011Ooh!!! Selena Gomez.  This girl is just too cute.  Even though she looks like a 12 year old girl she is still picture perfect.  I love this hairstyle so much and with such a perfect face, the one side behind the ear look is just lovely.  I would give my right pinky toe for those ear rings and that lipcolor is the prettiest pink EVER.  Can’t wait to see you in 20 years.  =)

Justin Bieber 2011 AMA'sAnd for the prettiest face of the evening, I give the award to JUSTIN BEIBER!!!  Your makeup is done so well you can ALMOST not even tell that you are wearing any. Also, do you wax or get your eyebrows threaded.  From mascara to lipgloss, Justin most certainly arrived primped & painted.
There you have it.  My thoughts on the beauty of the 2011 American Music Awards are very flip floppy but all in all,  I have seen much worse on other red carpets.

Cough Cough!!!

Just wanted to send an update to everyone.  Sorry I haven't been posting but I caught the hubby's cold and I feel so horrible.  Haven't been sick like this in a while.  I am gonna start posting soon I promise.  Stick around for more tutorials and reviews next week.

Madonna in NYC : Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Event : GORGEOUS!!!

Madonna-Smirnoff-3_thumb2Last night I had the privilege of V.I.P. status at Roseland Ballroom for Smirnoff Vodka’s Nightlife Exchange event with the one and only Madonna! She looked radiant and gorgeous and I had to catch my breath a few times considering that she was 10 feet away from me for most of the evening. I am a huge Madonna fan and going to this event was a privilege I will never forget. Madonna taught me that what people think about you should have nothing to do with what you think of yourself. I will always be grateful for that.     
Madonna-Smirnoff8_thumb4With her hair straightened and her makeup flawless, she wore a beautiful silk blouse with some spanks and hot thigh high boots. The event was being held to make a decision. The decision was which dancer would Madonna be taking on tour with her out of 11 hopefuls. Princess Lockaroo, who you may remember as a “whacking” dancer who made it to Hollywood on the T.V. show So You Think You Can Dance was one of the contestants and the one I was rooting for after they narrowed it down to 4 dancers. After Madonna had them speak to the crowd and say where they were from, she chose the winner “Lil Buck” from Memphis, Tennessee. 
Madonna Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange NYC 11 12 2011
Madonna Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange NYC 11/12/2011
Say what you want about Madonna and her choices, cosmetic procedures, boy toys, and so on. She is still and always will be one of the most gorgeous female entertainers and my hero. Long live the queen!!!!
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New Forum : Talk beauty and post link to your blog!!!!!!

I started a new forum to discuss the things that we find in our search for everything that is beautiful in the world.  It is simple and easy to use.  Post about your favorite hair products.  Post about your favorite makeup.  Best of all, post links to your blog!!!  Check the menu bar on the bottom of the page or click below.

primped & painted Forum

Join Beautylish!!!!

Hey lovelies!!!!

So I stumbled upon an amazing site that some of you may already know called  If you are a member I would love for you to follow me.  It is an amazing social site for all beauty addicts to get together and talk about trends, share photos, videos, etc.  I am totally loving it and they actually encourage you to spread the word about your blog.  Click below to follow me.

See you there!!!!!!

Beauty Ba Ha Ha : Everybody's Gotta Start Somewhere LOL

DRAMA: 2011 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends

I am so excited about this year’s Fall/Winter makeup trends: Drama, Drama, and more DRAMA!!! It seems like some of my favorite looks are being thrown together this season and I am elated. Here is what I am finding out.

thick-eyebrows1_thumb23Thick Eyebrows

Looks like Brooke Shields can fire her wax girl for the season because thick, bold eyebrows are definitely in. This should also make the girls out there with larger foreheads (like me) super happy because thick brows do a great job minimizing a plus sized forehead.
tumblr_lovjwdyppA1qlucd2o3_250_thumbDark Lips
Dark, vampy lips are making an appearance all over the red carpet, even paired with dark smoky eyes. Looks like someone decided to throw away the rule book because almost every makeup artist prefers either a dramatic eye or a dramatic lip, never both together. It is nice to see people being more creative and go against the grain.

images_thumb1Dark Eye Pigments

Charcoal blues and greens are going to be a smash this season along with orange tones. This is great because these colors are two of my favs as far as adding color to a smoky eye. Along with these tones, purple eyeliners are going to be a big hit as well.

nude-makeup-01_thumb1Totally Natural
Of course if you are one of the mild mannered girls who don’t like to play too much with the dark side, nude and light tones are going to be big as well. Foundation and mascara can get you out the door and making a statement while maintaining your minimalist reputation. Less is less and this year less is good.

So it looks like almost anything goes this season and that should put a bounce in every girls step. I always say “do your own thing” when it comes to hair and makeup but this year, the rest of the world is saying it too.

2011 Fall Hair Colors : 9 Of The HOTTEST Celebrity Hues!!!

Emma Stone's Dimensional Red
082211-Emma-Stone-400_thumbKEY COLOR NOTES If it's not natural, flame red hair can look costumey against nearly any complexion. But a coppery auburn with a wash of strawberry highlights like Stone's is flattering on skintones ranging from ultra-fair to tan and tawny. (Skip the shade if you're olive or darker.) And do take a tip from the star by asking that your brows be touched-up, too. The simple tweak enhances the overall sexiness of the shade.
Click HERE to check out the rest of the 9 hottest celebrity hair colors for this fall from

Tute : Fall Forward...Fall / Winter Makeup Tutorial

This weeks tute is up.  I was inspired after reading about all the trends for this years Fall / Winter seasons.  I am so happy that dramatic lips and eyes are big this year.  I love a dark lip with a smokey eye and now I won't look out of trend wearing it (at least for this year).  Again I used my e.l.f. 144 palette along with an eyeliner by Prestinge in the shade "Rhapsody".  Also I am staying true to my favorite lip liners by Palladio.  I hope you like the tute!!!!

“Simply Smooth” Brazilian Keratin Treatment System Review

We started using a new keratin smoothing product in our salon and so far we love it.  Another great formaldehyde free product, this treatment smells awesome and is much easier to apply meaning you don’t have to spend hour upon hour in the salon getting it done.  Using a lot of natural ingredients like vanilla and other botanicals, this treatment is definitely going to be one of the best keratin treatments around.  I love how they offer a product that you can do at home to save time in between treatments.  Below is some more info.

Simply Smooth Keratin
Simply the best for your hair!
Simply Smooth is manufactured in the USA by a family owned company that strives to bring the finest and safest treatments and products for hair to the world market using the most pure and natural ingredients possible.
Simply Smooth is one of few keratin protein treatments available that does not contain ingredients from animals or artificial synthetics.Over long term usage these can cause the hair to become brittle, course and even break.
Through advanced technology Simply Smooth has created a patented pending formula. A rich blend of the highest quality keratin derived from botanicals and human hair which are completely compatible with our own hairs structure.These two types of keratin increase the performance of the keratin treatment by being able to work on the outside of the hairs structure as well as deep within the cuticle providing a better smoothing performance through a more gentle and natural healthier process.
Click “Read More” for full review.